About the  Maryland Veterinary Foundation

The Maryland Veterinary Foundation grants educational scholarships to deserving Maryland residents pursuing all levels of veterinary medical education. With the high cost of veterinary medical education, the need for such scholarships has never been greater. The Maryland Veterinary Foundation, through the generosity of its many donors, provides needed financial assistance to students preparing themselves to join the veterinary profession.

2016-18 Officers and Trustees

Dr. Michael D. Erskine Chairperson
Dr. Chris H. Runde Vice Chairman
Dr. Pamela W. Armstrong
Dr. Raymond D. Ediger
Dr. John Kable
Dr. Zaun Kligge
Dr. Fred Lewis, Sr.
Dr. John V. Moffa
Dr. James B. Reed
Dr. Richard P. (Dick) Streett, Jr.
Dr. Gregory S. Svoboda
Dr. Carvel Tiekert
Lauren M. Michalski Executive Director



2018 Maryland Veterinary Foundation
PO Box 5407 l Annapolis, MD 21403 l phone: 410-268-1311 l fax: 410-268-1322 info@mdvf.org